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Shampooch Dog Grooming York have put together a list of questions that are commonly asked by dog owners planning to bring their dog groomed.

When Should a Puppy Be Groomed for the First Time?

It’s never too early to let your dog get accustomed to dog grooming, and we like to see puppies come in for dog grooming as early as eight weeks of age. These first visits will be short and simple; they’ll probably entail a bath, blow-dry, nail clipping, and minimal trimming around the face. We will ensure that your dog is not stressed during the process as we help him or her get used to being groomed.

How often should I have my dog bathed?

Unless your dog gets dirty or smelly because of some unforeseen circumstance, you’ll only need to have your dog bathed once every two to four months. Bathing too frequently will dry out your pet’s skin and strip natural oils from their coat.

How Often Should You Have Your Dog Groomed?

The grooming needs of dogs are different depending on their breed and coat and lifestyle. Some will need dog grooming more frequently and others less often. We can offer you advice on this but most breeds ideally need trimming around every 6 to 8 weeks. Seasonal changes can also affect coat growth where it grows more quickly in summer, and needs more washing and tidying in the winter.  Your dog’s nails may need cutting every 4 to 6 weeks’ dependent upon their breed and outside activity.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Grooming?

Regular dog grooming York offers a number of great benefits to your dog:

  • It promotes the health of the dog’s skin, coat, teeth, and every other part of their body.
  • It lets a professional get to know your dog’s body so that they can see and feel any changes and find health problems early on.
  • It lowers you dog’s stress levels and reduces their blood pressure.

How long does the dog grooming take? 

This all depends on each individual dog as coat, condition, age, temperament, breed and style are all relevant factors when grooming a dog. Please allow approximately two to three hours for a full dog groom and puppy grooms usually take one hour. We give more time for new, nervous or older dogs to allow them to settle into the experience. We will give you a call when your dog is ready to be collected.

Can you deal with aggressive or difficult dogs?

Keeping an animal calm is part and parcel of a groomer’s job, knowing how to handle and talk to your pet will solve 99% of problems.  Muzzles will be used only as a last resort and if required, will only be applied for a very short part of the process. It is very rare to find an ‘un-groomable dog’ but if we come across any serious problems during a visit we will of course discuss them with you so we can agree a solution together. Should a dog become too aggressive or unhappy we would discontinue the grooming and return it to the owner. If your dog is unhappy being groomed, you may need to consider having a veterinary groom under sedation.

Can I stay with my Dog?

We don’t encourage owners to be present as having the owner around often leads to the dog being unsettled, this then lengthens the time taken to complete the grooming. We will be happy to show you around our dog grooming York salon. If any difficulty with a dog arises the owner will be consulted immediately.

What can I do between my grooming appointments? 

This varies on the breed and coat type. Keeping the coat matt-free with regular brushing and combing is essential.  If your dog needs a bath, then use good quality shampoo suited to their skin and coat but try to limit baths to a maximum of once a week. You can visit between grooming appointments to have your dog bathed and brushed if required.

Why do you only give estimated prices over the phone?

In most cases the prices shown on the website or quoted over the phone will be what you pay.  As additional work may be necessary, we cannot give a definite price until we have seen your dog.  We always discuss our prices with you before any grooming begins.

What if I need to change my Dog Grooming York appointment?

Please call us to cancel and re-schedule as soon as you know that you won’t be able to keep the appointment. We require 24 hours’ notice to allow us to fill the appointment time.

Due to the loss of (self-employed) income from the lost appointment, it is necessary to charge a fee of 50% for any appointments which are not cancelled / rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment time.

Do you use fresh towels for each dog? 


Do you disinfect after each dog has been groomed?


You’ve made an appointment, what happens now?

If it is your first grooming appointment, we will ask you some questions so that we get to know your dog. This will include your pet’s history, veterinarian details, health and behaviour information and your contact details. We will then examine your dog and discuss its grooming requirements with you. Once the grooming needs have been agreed we will commence grooming your dog.

Will my dog be muzzled?

We very much prefer to build up a trust between your dog and the groomer. We very seldom find it necessary to muzzle a dog, however where dogs show signs of aggression or are attempting to bite/lick the clippers or scissors it will be muzzled for both the dog’s safety and ours.

Will my dog be put in a cage?

We groom only one dog at a time, therefore there is no reason why your dog should be caged whilst at the Salon. If you chose to use our pick up and drop off service, then your dog will be placed in a crate for transportation for their safety.

Does dog grooming include nails and anal glands?

Grooming always includes checking and, where needed, trimming nails. The only exception to this would be dogs that become overly aggressive or stressed to the point where it would be unsafe for us to provide this service.

The majority of dogs go through their lives without experiencing any problems with anal glands. If they needed help emptying them we recommend a check-up from the vet to ensure that there is no infection or underlying reason for them to become full and irritating for your dog.

What shampoos and conditioners do you use?

We only use top quality salon professional dog shampoos. We have a range of different types of shampoo, including a hypo-allergenic natural ingredient range, medicated shampoos and a range of coat conditioners.

If your dog has any skin conditions requiring a veterinary prescribed shampoo, we will be happy to use the shampoo supplied.

Do you do Hand Stripping?

We do offer a Hand Stripping service. Please contact us for an approximate price but on average it will be an extra £15 on top of the quoted prices for the “Head to Paw Treatment”.

My dog just needs his nails clipped, can you do that?

Nail clipping is a straightforward process and we will be pleased to clip your dog’s nails for you (cost £5). However, if your dog is groomed at regular intervals we will clip the nails as part of the grooming process and it shouldn’t be necessary to clip nails between grooming appointments.

Can you just give my dog a bath?

Of course we can – we will be happy to take your dog for a “Bath & Brush Out”. For some breeds, we recommend an interim bath to keep the coat in good condition and to prevent knots and matting. We are also able to give a quick trim around the eyes and paws to keep things tidy too.

What if my dog is timid or nervous?

The individual service we offer is ideal for timid or nervous dogs. We have some experience of grooming nervous dogs and over time have built up a friendly and trusting relationship with many of them. As we only groom one dog at a time there is no waiting around or strange noises from other dogs to upset them.

Can you collect my dog and drop it off?

We offer a convenient, timesaving pick-up and delivery dog grooming service within the York area for all small and medium sized dogs. Prices will be dependent on the distance of your home from the dog grooming York salon. If you chose to use our pick up and drop off service, then your dog will be placed in a crate for transportation for their safety.

How can I pay for the dog grooming?

We currently accept cash only

Do you still have questions or need more information?  Then please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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Our Treatments – Shampooch Dog Grooming York

Bath & Brush Out

Dog Groomers York

Our Bath and Brush out dog grooming treatment is perfect for in-between grooms – ideal for when your dog just needs a freshen up before their next groom!

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Head to Paw Treatment

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Our Head to Paw dog grooming package will leave your dog looking and smelling great.

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Puppy Groom

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Ideal for introducing your puppy to dog grooming, this service is perfect for puppies from three to six months old.

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Hand Stripping

Dog Groomers York

Some breeds of dog need to be hand-stripped at least twice a year. Hand-stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog.

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Nail Trimming

Dog Groomers York

Unless your dog is so active it wears its nails down, you’ll need to get them cut.

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Ear Plucking

Dog Groomers York

Plucking the ears regularly to keep the hair from blocking the canal can help prevent ear infections and moisture build-up.

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Pick up & Drop Off

Dog Groomers York

We also offer convenient, timesaving pick-up and delivery service within the York area for all small and medium sized dogs.

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