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So, what are the dog grooming benefits? In general terms, a clean pet is a happy pet. No hair in the eyes, clean fur and skin, clipped nails and clean teeth all make for a pet that is comfortable and better behaved.  Shampooch Dog Grooming York are City & Guilds qualified dog groomers based in York, we are happy to offer advice on the best treatments for your dog.

But adverse, serious side effects occur when we neglect to groom our pets. If we don’t tend to our pet’s grooming needs on a regular basis, we encourage a variety of issues which can lead to expensive vet bills and difficult or even aggressive behaviour from your pet

  • Long hair is the culprit of a variety of discomfort and skin issues. Hair hanging over your pet’s eyes can restrict vision altering the pet’s capabilities and behaviour. When long hair is not brushed and washed regularly, pets often suffer matting and can load your pet with extra weight.
  • Matting of the hair can be painful and cause many skin conditions. Severe matting restricts blood flow, pulling tightly on a pet’s skin and making a simple pat painful. In some cases, matting can be so severe that it restricts body movement leading to deformity.
  • Overgrown nails can be very painful, with long nails growing into the paw pads and causing infection. Long nails can cause your pet’s toes to bend and create a walking disfigurement.
  • Double coating from irregular brushing leads to extra coating, causing your pet to suffer heat stress.
  • Grass seeds will not be easily detected if you are not hands-on with your dog grooming, undetected grass seeds can lead to abscesses and severe infection. It is not unheard of for a pet to lose an eye from an undetected grass seed.
  • Fleas, ticks and mites are some of the most common parasites that can be fatal to your pet and they thrive on dirty and untreated bodies.
  • Dental disease can lead to bad breath, teeth loss, reduced appetite and if untreated can cause organ damage to your pet’s heart, liver and kidneys.

All of these issues can be detrimental to your pet’s mental wellbeing, due to the discomfort and pain they can cause. By tending to your pet’s grooming needs on a regular basis you can optimise your pet’s physical and mental health.

The 5 key dog grooming benefits are:

  • A pet that looks and smells nice all the time, plus your best friend will be free from discomfort, feel great and behave well.
  • Reduced risk of eye, ear, skin, teeth and nail infections, ensuring your pet is free from pain and disease!
  • Easy vet checks as your pet will be more comfortable and used to being handled, especially around the face, feet and tail. Less stress for all involved!
  • Increased sociability as grooming becomes a positive experience and easy for both you or your groomer and your pet.
  • Lower medical bills as regular grooming will prevent disease and catch many health issues before they become an emergency.

Additional Dog Grooming Benefits

There are many dog grooming benefits to your dog. As well as aerating the coat and ensuring healthy growth, brushing promotes good blood circulation. Grooming helps to keep grease levels down — a build-up of grease in a dog’s coat can block pores and cause sebaceous cysts.

Most dogs live indoors and so moult quicker and more often than their wild counterparts, causing the loose hairs to become matted. If not brushed out regularly, they form into heavy wads which can drag the skin down, causing soreness and skin complaints.

On an emotional level, grooming reduces stress in both parties, helping dog and owner to relax and build up a close bond. When you groom your dog regularly — start when he’s a pup to get him used to the procedure — you’ll get to know him better, both physically and mentally.

Professional Dog Grooming Benefits

A good groomer will have knowledge of a breed and the skill to trim a dog to make him look balanced. A professional groomer will be able to enhance the coat for a specific dog so he can look his best, rather than using one cut to fit all of the same breed. They will use the best shampoos and conditioners and can identify which shampoo would be best to enhance a coat type.

Sometimes, people can be blasé when checking their dogs; an experienced groomer may spot something the owner has missed. This could be something as minor as fleas or a lump that’s hard to spot.

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Our Treatments – Shampooch Dog Groomers York

Bath & Brush Out

Dog Groomers York

Our Bath and Brush out dog grooming treatment is perfect for in-between grooms – ideal for when your dog just needs a freshen up before their next groom!

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Head to Paw Treatment

Dog Groomers York

Our Head to Paw dog grooming package will leave your dog looking and smelling great.

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Puppy Groom

Dog Grooming Benefits

Ideal for introducing your puppy to dog grooming, this service is perfect for puppies from three to six months old.

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Hand Stripping

Dog Groomers York

Some breeds of dog need to be hand-stripped at least twice a year. Hand-stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog.

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Nail Trimming

Dog Groomers York

Unless your dog is so active it wears its nails down, you’ll need to get them cut.

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Ear Plucking

Dog Groomers York

Plucking the ears regularly to keep the hair from blocking the canal can help prevent ear infections and moisture build-up.

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Pick up & Drop Off

Dog Groomers York

We also offer convenient, timesaving pick-up and delivery service within the York area for all small and medium sized dogs.

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